Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunset on the Prairie

Last night I decided to look through my November archives and see if I could find something to share today for Unknown Mami's 'Sunday in My City' meme. I came across a folder full of images taken at sunset while driving back from our last trip to Sioux Falls.

I was not at the top of my game so the photos really aren't very good. Most of them are really grainy and between motion blur, a dirty window and my obvious inability to focus properly they all need some help. But the scenes that I was trying to capture are there so I have decided to play with some of them and transform them into more sketch or painting style images.

This first scene pictures an idyllic prairie homestead during the late afternoon. I loved how the blanket of clouds did not meet the horizon and formed a canopy over the home. Another thing that drew me to this scene was the balance between the earthy tones and the blue-grey clouds.

Here are two artistic renditions of this scene.

A color pencil rendition.
A painting rendition.
This second photo was taken a half hour later facing to the southwest rather than to the north as in the first photo. I have to say I love sunsets on the prairie, especially when there are some clouds in the sky. Each layer of clouds seemed to have a different texture and of course that meant they all reflected the light of the sunset differently. The photo really doesn't do the scene justice it was truly an amazing sight.

A color pencil rendition.
A painting rendition.

In the first set I think I prefer the color pencil rendition but I really can't decide with the second set. 
Have you ever seen a sunset on the prairie? What are your sunsets like? Leave me a comment and tell me what you like the most about sunsets, and which rendition you like the best.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Sunday!
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Joanna Jenkins said...

Those look like pretty great photos to me!
Happy Sundays In My City.

StarTraci said...

Wow! You captured the clouds so beautifully. I love sunsets, too. We often have very colorful sunsets, though with the drought, we have fewer clouds to catch the colors. Your pictures make me want to head out to the prairie.

bettyl-NZ said...

Both of the shots are pretty and your edits each add their own beauty!259

Claudya Martinez said...

I've never seen a sunset on the prairie. I think the photos look great.