Saturday, December 27, 2014

Joyful Play

After a walk around the frozen lake at Memorial park we saw a large flock of geese. The kids got all excited, not wanting to scare them off they quietly and slowly walked up to them. Once the geese noticed them and started to fly off the kids ran after them. Soon the kids and geese were all going in circles. The kids would run a bit then walk. Some of the geese would fly to a different area while others would go up in the air when the kids got too close, only to circle around and land back near the kids.

I am really curious to hear what you my readers think. I understand that geese are protected waterfowl and there are laws regulating hunting and trade practices involving protected waterfowl. However, the kids were not hunting are trying to capture the geese. At no time did the kids try to hurt the geese. They did not throw anything at them or even yell or make loud noises. This is a city park not a wildlife refuge where disturbing the wildlife would be against the law, and yet I had someone tell me that we broke the law? Yes the kids startled the geese, but the geese did not seem all that upset about it. I mean heck let's face it geese can be pretty ornery critters and not once did any of them make that scary honking noise or come after the kids. So I really don't see any harm in running with the geese, what do you think?

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Unknown Mami
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Jack said...

Geese are right up there with squirrels and pigeons, i.e., ubiquitous crap machines. No problem with hassling them.