Saturday, September 20, 2014

Feeble Fragin Friday

I now remember why I am not a fashion designer. Next week I will let you all in on the absurdity of my dresscapade. For now I will just say this escaped has waylaid me for the last few weeks, so my already feeble frags are even more feeble. But here goes.

A Something that made me laugh:

Things that made me smile:
My daughters and granddaughter let me record them singing a song. Unfortunately my daughters don't want me to share the video. I guess they don't want the world to see how a ten year old asthmatic schools them when it comes to signing. lol 

I finally managed to take a selfie that I actually like:

With all the football talk and references I couldn't help but smile when this thought came to mind, because it perfectly reflects my connection to football. "When I hear the words tight end all that comes to mind is a firm backside."

This story made me both smile and mad at the same time. I say good for them. Finding love is always a good thing.

Have a great weekend everyone! 
I will be locked up with my sewing machine and possibly a little white jacket that lets me hug myself. 

Please remember to stop over at Mrs. 4444's and share the frag life!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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StarTraci said...

Love the selfie! And I'm with you on the tight end.