Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wandering The Hillside

I finally managed to get the time to go on a short hike in the hills behind our new home. Here is what I saw.

The prairie grass was nearly shoulder high on either side of the trail in some areas and when the breeze kicked up it was beautiful to see the grass sway.

Note cards and magnets of the Prairie Grass available here.

Viewing the hills through the prairie grass
In other areas it was barely knee high.

Looking back at the apartment complex where I live.

  Wildflower note cards and magnet available here
Wildflower note cards and magnets available here

I followed the trail a little way and then having forgotten to use some type of bug repellant I decided it was time to head back rather than be eaten alive by mosquito's and gnats.


bill lisleman said...

you have a very scenic area in the neighborhood for a walk. nice

emiliopasquale said...

I agree with Bill. Some beautiful scenery. And nice shots!

Anita Davis said...

Thanks guys!