Friday, July 18, 2014

FF: Crazy Summer

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Hi Everyone!
I hope your summer is going well. My summer is really crazy, there is so much I would love to do and yet no time to do much of anything. Thank goodness for Fridays and Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragment blog hop. So let's get fragging!

Back at the end of May I considered taking a summer break from blogging however the idea just made me sad so instead I decided to just post when I could. Obviously, that has been really sporadic. 

Available Here
Maybe I need one of these. Time management is often a battle for me. Some might say I have poor time management skills, I prefer to think of it as being pace challenged.

The other day Miss M (my youngest daughter) had a doctors appointment.  During my rather long and boring wait I noticed this little sign on a nearby table. As soon as I read it I thought 'yep, that is exactly what I need.'

A friend that I haven't seen in years asked me if I could put up a picture without a camera in front of my So I have been trying to get a decent selfie with my cell phone..... so far no luck. So I played around with the shots I did get, here are two that I kinda like.

This next one I only liked after playing with it.

At the end of last month I found the perfect quote to add to one of my favorite photos from THIS photo shoot, and have been meaning to share it so here it is.

Have a terrific weekend!


Banker Chick said...

Took a little tour around your web site and really enjoyed your pictures.

Mrs4444 said...

If you Google How to take a good selfie, you'll find some great tips! I like the fun effect you used.

I really like that little plaque. In fact, I might have to try and find one online somewhere...

Thanks for linking up!