Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bad Day Survival Kit

Let's face it life is bound to throw a few bad days (or should I say off days) our way. Making it through those days can be challenging but if we plan ahead with our very own Bad Day Survival Kit we should be well on our way to a better day. 

Bad Day Survival Kit

Sense of humor: Laughter is a surefire cure for a bad mood and reduces the negative emotions and stress brought on by a bad day. So laugh away, and if you can find humor in whatever has triggered the bad day all the better.

Words of encouragement:  I am not talking about the encouragement received from others, but rather encouragement we give ourselves. On bad days it can be pretty hard to give ourselves encouragement and that is when having a plaque, sign or poster that encourages us can be very helpful. Just seeing the encouraging words can be helpful but is not enough, to get the full benefit we need to say those words in our mind over and over again. Long ago (32yrs to be exact) I purchased a ceramic plaque with the saying below for my first child's bedroom. By the time he was five the saying had become my Motto and the plaque found a new home on the kitchen wall. These encouraging words have gotten me through many a difficult time.

Encouraging products and posters available HERE.

Distraction: Fuming and obsessing about how bad our day is solves nothing and only makes it worse! But what can we do that will make it better?  Distract our minds. We can do this by reading a good book, working out or going for a long walk. As long as it takes your mind off what ever is troubling you and it is a positive action it will help. Distraction that includes physical activity and fresh air has the best results.

Action Plan: Having our very own Bad Day Survival Kit is just the start of changing our bad day to a good day. To really make that change we need to put the Kit into action. To help do that here is the final important item in my Bad Day Survival Kit, the Action Plan

Bad Day Action Plan mini poster or magnet available HERE.

This is how I change my bad days to good, how do you change yours?

Wishing you a wonderful Day!


BLOGitse said...

If I have a really BAD day I go back to bed! :)
If it's only a 'semi-bad' I count to ten, try to relax, do something else to get rid off those thoughts hounding my head.... :)

my blog is here:

BLOGitse said...

ps. should be 'haunting'...

bill lisleman said...

Distraction - another good one is reading blogs.
I like this post and the wind saying.
My momma told me there would be bad days. Do you think mommas today are forgetting to give that lesson?