Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles

Let's face it, going from an artist to an arts business owner/operator is not all fun and games. The hard work that comes with marketing your art based business can suck all the joy out of creating your artwork, especially when you are working with  a shoestring budget. 

But not to worry I haven't given up.  I just keep reminding myself anything worth doing takes hard work and perseverance, and sometimes a little help from others. Which reminds me of this quote by Albert Einstein about life depending on the giving and receiving of help. Helping others has always given me a sense of joy, but accepting help does not come easy to me. Yet, I realize that for me to get to the next chapter in my life I need help and so I created  this Go Fund Me Campaign in hopes that others might consider it a worthwhile campaign and find it in their hearts to help this struggling artist. Whether that help be in the form of a donation; use of our services or even just sharing this campaign with others. Trust me not only will it be greatly appreciated, but you will have the satisfaction knowing that you have helped another realize their dreams. So please take a moment and click on the button below to learn more about my art business and how you can help.

Just so you know clicking on the link does not obligate you to donate. I am excited to say that within a short time of the campaign going live not only did we receive a donation from a very kind soul but we have also had a number of people sharing the campaign with others.

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bill lisleman said...

Our tight shoestring retirement budget has no allocation for this but I'll spread the word.
all the best with it.