Monday, April 7, 2014

Friday Fragments

I am so glad that Mrs. 4444's keeps her Friday fragment party going a while. I had this all ready to go last Thursday. I headed out early Friday morning for a weekend visit with my oldest son and his girlfriend and newborn daughter, I figured would link up when I got to their place. Only to discover much to my surprise that they do not have internet access. So here we are a few days late.
Half-Past Kissin' Time

The other day I saw a video of one of this cute animals at a Kiosk in the mall. On the counter below the video player was a stack of advertisements from the exotic pet shop that sells these cut little guys. At first I was like oh wow how cute, I want one. Then I thought about it and for me it just seems cruel to take an exotic animal out of it's natural habitat and sell it as a pet half way around the world. What do you think?

Have you ever noticed how some people wonder about the strangest things? Like why Zebra's have stripes? Now that may not seem like an important question but it has been a big debate among scientist for over a hundred years. A debate that it finally looks like an answer has been found. It appears that scientific studies have finally determined the stripes act as a bug repellant! Looks like I will be wearing stripes during mosquito season!

I still haven't caught the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon but I have watched a few clips. So far my favorite is when Fallon and Billy Joel preform Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Now for a beautiful song with a beautiful message

Now for a laugh ... found this on Facebook.
If you don't get it you could ask my nine year old granddaughter and she will tell you all about it. She loves Abbot & Costello!
Have a wonderful week!


bill lisleman said...

Hu is on first? I also saw that on FB. I went and looked it up and found that he was sent back to the minors. Great that your granddaughter enjoys that classic routine.
I agree that the exotic pet industry causes more harm than good. FL certainly has had its troubles with it.

edshunnybunny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I enjoyed reading your Friday Fragments!
I agree with your thoughts on exotic pets. I'll just stick with the regular ones :)