Friday, April 25, 2014

FF: Party Time

If I were any farther behind I would be totally lost for sure. Thankfully all is not lost when one can always join in with Fragmented Fridays. Even more exciting is that we are in the middle of Mrs. 4444's Fraggin' Fantastic Trecentennial (300) Celebration where we will help her celebrate her 300th Fragmented Friday post and she is also offering some great prizes.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

So here we are folks a few fragments I happened upon this week.

Life's little surprises are never far away when you have children and grandchildren. I'm not sure which provide the most surprises but either way they both brighten my life. And occasionally provide a few new grey hairs.
Of my four children the oldest is the only one that is dark complected with dark hair and eyes. As such he has always maintained that he must have either been adopted or found. Finally I came across a photo of my dear uncle who passed away some years ago and created this composite to show my son just where his good looks come from.
Right now my nails are short and so I haven't been doing any fun designs. But here is a nail design I did last month of Marvin the Martian and the galaxy. I took off the acrylics and hopefully my natural nails grow out quickly, because I miss having fun designs on my nails.
Yesterday I convinced my Son-in-law to play hooky and take me for a nice drive. We had a great time and even found a few nice spots to take the Jeep off road.

Remember in the words of the great Styx life is just a grand illusion.
Have A Great Weekend!
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StarTraci said...

I can never do my own nails so I am impressed!
I love that you and your SIL took some time together!

Missy George said...

Those nails get a big WOW!!!

Unknown Mami said...

I love that composite you made. I totally see a resemblance.