Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photographs & Memories

Memories are triggered by many things; a song, a phrase, a season, a scent and of course a photograph. I have always felt the importance of  photographs to future generations and to help keep the memory of departed family strong within those living. But those photos were always of the family or taken by the family. But I have learned that sometimes the photograph doesn't even need to be one that we have taken, only one that in some way resembles a location or event to which our memory is linked. The truth to this statement was never so evident as it was on Friday.

Friday I decided to create a new Facebook cover for my personal page and wanted a winter scene. While going through stock images looking for a scene that appealed to me I came across this photo. Now maybe it was just the photo and maybe it was the combination of Christmas music, Cinnamon scented pine cones and the photo, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one I would use. 

While the photo gives a sense of loneliness, I found it comforting because it immediately reminded me of my husband and how every year at some point during the Autumn he would announce that we had eight weeks till it would snow. An announcement that always tended to drive me crazy as I was never quite ready for the snow to come. Yet,now that memory brings a smile. Odd how something that once drove me crazy is now greatly missed. Even more strange is how one memory can bring about both a sense of loneliness and a feeling of being comforted by a love shared. Thus was born my latest composite art piece 'Love Transcends the Elements'.

I had thought to link the sneak peek at my Victorian photo shoot up with Unknown Mami's Sunday in My City and show off our beautiful mild weather here in Norfolk, but I wanted to share this message with all my blogging friends. No matter how difficult the elements if we build and share love we will never be truly alone.
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BLOGitse said...

I do NOT miss snow at all. Even if it's not that warm in Málaga, this weather is much better for my soul. And the sun.
Snow or not, good memories are important for us! :)

Beth Niquette said...

This is beautiful. It reminds me of the love between my Dad and Mom--how their love was forever. Dad may be gone, but the love they shared still lives on.

Thank you for sharing this. ((hugs))

Unknown Mami said...

Oh my goodness, this made my heart ache. So beautiful. Thank you for your touching honesty, truth, and creativity.