Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week In Photos

Here it is Tuesday and I am just getting around to posting the week in photos. Last week was one wild week. Not only did we have Thanksgiving but we also had two birthdays. My daughter and co-founder of Artistix Network celebrated her birthday yesterday and the day before was her son's sixth birthday. So here is how our week went.

We started the week off creating various different scenic photography designs and applying them to both calendars and accessories. Pictured here is just one of the many designs, to see the rest just click HERE.
Of course there was plenty of play time for play. Here Bubba decided to create a convoy with his mini's.
While the kids were in school during the beginning of the week I got a little work done on their Christmas presents. This is part of the design. For now I will tell you that I am creating matching PJ's for all six of my grandchildren incorporating snoopy.
Unlike the formal Thanksgiving I was accustom to, here at my Daughter and Son-in-laws it is an informal buffet style gathering of friends and family. Which is probably more due to the fact that there was no way all the food would fit on the table and still be room for all the family and friends to put their plates. As it was we did need to pull out a second table for the kids.

Of course football was part of the day both on and off the TV. While they all had a blast I do have to say it was not evenly matched. Sissy, Bubba and our dog Max made up one team, while my Son-in-law and his two buddies were the opposing team.
Halftime saw the family tackle their traditional decorating of the Christmas tree.
With Thanksgiving behind us, it was back to work adding new ornament designs to our gift shop. This photo shows just a few of the many ornaments. You can check the rest out HERE.

Show Off Your Shot submission
Complements of the mild weather the kids and I decided to head over to the Japanese Gardens for a few photos of the kids and of Sissy with her kimono.

Tones On Tuesday submission
I was a bit off my game but at least I was able to alter the pink parasol in post production. I have decided to post the other photos from our outing HERE even though they are certainly not my best shots.
 Finally we made it to Sunday and Bubba's sixth birthday. With it so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas it was a small affair with a few gifts and a cake but he was excited just the same.

All in all it was a great week here in Norfolk Virginia. How was your week?

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Renae said...

Nice weekly analog per photos. Very nice. I'm #25 over at 'and then, she snapped'. It is a fun hop. Come on over? join? look around?

Unknown Mami said...

Beautiful week. You are so productive and an awesome grandparent.