Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rural America: As seen from the window of a U-Haul

Three long days in the passenger seat of a U-Haul has it's advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage, a bruised tail bone. I swear it has been a month and I am still 'broken'. When they say COMFORT ride DON'T believe them. But enough of that I am sure you don't want to hear my tail end woes.
The major advantage was that unlike the many times I have been in the driver seat, this time I was able to enjoy the scenery and even get some sweet shots without stopping.
I always love the rural photos and barn photos posted by TexWisGirl, Nancy  and Madge so on this trip I was watching specifically for cool looking old barns. Here are a few that caught my attention.

I was really drawn to the dome shaped building. I do wish it hadn't been tucked way so far from the highway. Below I cropped it so that it can be seen a bit easier.

Okay, so what can I say other than while going through Saint Louis I couldn't resit a shot or two that included boats and bridges.

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Renee said...

Great pics, Nita. Thanks for sharing these & for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

Nancy said...

You captured some great old barns on your trip Nita.

I do hope your tailbone feels better. That has to be very aggravating! Thanks so much for stopping by today. xo

Unknown said...

Thank you Renee

Unknown said...

Thank you Nancy. It is getting better every day.