Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rising from the chaos

Where oh where did the month go? I do believe it got lost somewhere in the chaos of our move. Thankfully this move is over and the boxes are unpacked, for the most part.  Now to get back to living life on a more creative note. I have a great deal of catching up to do with all the wonderful blogs and Linkies I generally follow, but trust me I haven't forgotten any of you and will stop by soon. 

I have so much to share with all of you it may take me a bit before I can delve more into exploring my new home town. Here is a peak at a few things I have in the works.

"The Labor of Love"
An in depth article and photo journal featuring the civil war  home of John Cary-Weston and interview with current owner Lisa Trengove-Jones.

What we did to make this major move a bit easier for six year old Bubba and nine year old Sissy.
"Rural America"
Just some of the beautiful sights seen on our trek from Virginia back to South Dakota. 

As well as a few updates on the comings and goings of our family and an important announcement on some changes taking place at Artistix Network LLC.

Yet again the chaos has been defeated and I have prevailed!

I am adding this Fragment post to Mrs.4444's Fragmented Friday, please be sure to hope over and check out what everyone has been up to. I hope you will come back for the upcoming post 'The Labor of Love' It will be published Sunday June 9th.
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