Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wild Months

What crazy wild months these have been! Lots of sorting photos, some time spent creating new designs. But, mostly I have been swamped with an unrelenting amount of fatigue. If only I could absorb and use some of these guys energy. LOL 

Of all the photos I took this last summer my favorites have to be these very special photos of my grandchildren. 

For the first time ever all five of my biological grandchildren were together. It was a very happy day!

Not only were the biological grandchildren there but two honorary grandchildren as well. The little boy and the girl front and center are my oldest daughter's kids all the girls in the back row make up my oldest son's tribe. The three in the middle are his daughters and the two cute blondes on the ends are his significant others daughters. Yes, he is in for a wild ride with five beautiful girls!

While the fatigue has certainly slowed me way down and made it difficult to get things done, I have managed to finish a few designs and make them available on a wide selection of products in our gift shop including Christmas ornaments. Here are two of the new designs.

This design is part of our Hand drawn art products.

This design is part of our Historical Navy products.

If I can manage to stay awake long enough I hope to share more summer photos and some current creative and fun endeavors. I can't believe Christmas is almost here, personally I am not ready are you?