Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family History Month

I knew that October was Hispanic Heritage month but what I didn't know was that in 2001 Congress passed a resolution making October 'Family History Month'. Going into the month I kept thinking it was a great month to get myself back on track. I love my Hispanic heritage and family history in general so what better time than October to pull myself together. Well the month is almost over and as you can tell I am still not really 'With It'.

I did do a bit of looking around for ideas of fun ways to celebrate both Hispanic Heritage and Family History. I found some good links at Family Tree Magazine. I also found some fun activities being held at public libraries and genealogy societies. Yet each time I sat down to write a post sharing these finds and remind everyone of the fun way to collect family history which I wrote last year, my mind went blank. So not only did the post never get written but my motivation to get out and take part in the many activities never appeared. 

So when My Mother-in-Law called and asked if I would fly out and spend a week with her and my Father-in-Law this month I was overjoyed. I will be leaving VA this afternoon on a plane headed for Arizona. I am looking forward to visiting with my late husbands' parents and hopefully they will share some of their families early history with me so I can record it to pass on to my children and grandchildren. 

What heritage based activities have you participated in this month if any?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Inspirational Art

This weekend while I was feeling a tad under the weather and snuggled in my blankets trying to get warm this poem came to me. So today I went into my photo archives for some Autumn photos to go with the poem. I hope you enjoy the results.

I couldn't decide which style I liked better so I decided to share both the one above and this next one.
As with all of our inspirational and motivational designs posted here you may copy and use the digital versions as long as you leave the credit in tact. Products and prints of these designs are available in our online gift shop.

Monday, October 1, 2012

SIMC: Neptune Festival

Heading out yesterday to Virginia Beach for the Neptune Festival we were blessed with a gorgeous day. With almost thirty blocks of merchant booths there was plenty to see. We had gone mainly to see the amazing sand sculptures.

After walking fourteen blocks we finally got to the first of the sculptures. These were along the boardwalk leading up to the huge tent that held the more elaborate sculptures.
Although some of these outside sculptures were pretty elaborate if you ask me. These young ladies seemed to be very taken with this fun sculpture.
After walking fourteen blocks we finally got to the entrance. This sculpture was so large I have zoomed in to a couple of areas so you can see some of the detail better.

Just past this sculpture was the main entrance to the tent at which we found a line stretching away from the entrance that was so long we literally could not see the end of the line. By this time Sissy was already overheating and the thought of walking till we found the end of the line which looked to possibly go on for many more blocks was not very appealing. Instead we opted to return to the car and go out for lunch in a cool restaurant. Although we didn't go in to see the rest of the sculptures we still enjoyed the outing. 
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