Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The AC Wonder Award: Bringing Joy with Graffiti

In 2016 I decided to acknowledge the good deeds of others' which have filled me with admiration, amazement or awe with an award I call the AC Wonder Award.  With all the negativity that floods the news I feel it is important that we seek out good news lest we become disheartened with society. This week I found a story of a graffiti artist and a city parks manager who have brought joy to their community. recently shared an article by John Boyd of the Houston Chronicle about a graffiti artist that has touched the heart of the residents of Keller Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The artist began painting beautiful portraits of animals in a tunnel under a city bridge.  
I applaud the unknown artist for not only their talent but for the appropriateness of their choice to paint beautiful life like portraits of animals in this location. I say this because the name of the bridge is the Bear Creek Parkway bridge, what better place for a lovely doe to be scampering across the walls. I imagine it is this combination that has led to the Parks Department and the city's acceptance of the artwork to the point that Parks Manager Gary Davis said they will not paint over the graffiti and actually issued an offer to the artist to paint a mural in the tunnel. Check out Keller Parks Department's Facebook Post to see the beautiful doe.