Sunday, July 24, 2016

SIMC: Automania 2016

Automania is one of my favorite free local summer events. For a number of years it was held in Down Town Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Each year it got bigger with more autos, entertainment, concession stands and of course more people. By 2007 the show was spread out over a 20 block area and featured more than 600 cars, trucks and motorcycles.  By 2013 it had grown too large to be held in it's original location and was moved to the nearby town of Brandon. That first year in Brandon the event saw more than 70,000 people in attendance.

Having been away from the area for the last four years this was my time attending the car show at its' new location. At first it seemed smaller, then I was reminded that instead of being cramped into a 20 block radius the show now spanned over a mile long on a single road. I have sent a request to the organizers of the car show for an estimate of how many attended this year and how many vehicles were registered. I hope to get those numbers soon and update this post. For now here are some of my favorite photos from this year.

In addition to all the really awesome cars each year the show attracts at least a few famous cars and celebrities. Like this one you may recognize.
 Or maybe you will recognize this  95 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It is the car driven by Paul Walker in the 1st/3rd The Fast and The Furious movies.


In addition to cool cars, yummy food and live music there was even a gun booth.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my favorite cars from this years Automania. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a few of the many fun events held in and around my city during the summer. This event is held toward the end of June every year so if you want to experience it for yourself June is the month to visit Sioux Falls,SD.

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