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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Making Cents Coin Exhibit

Unknown Mami

We're back at the Old Courthouse Museum in down town Sioux Falls, as they currently have a fun exhibit titled Making Cents of Coins. The exhibit is small but it has some really interesting coins. I paused long enough on the steps for my friend to snap a shot so I could show you the fun color I decided to dye my hair. Now we will dive right into what we saw on our visit. I've included photos of the descriptions for each coin.

They had a lot more coins but these to me were the coolest ones. Talk about cool, check out the inside of the elevator!
Of course what would a coin exhibit be without a coin souvenir machine?
I don't generally carry cash but luckily we had just enough change to get two penny souvenirs.


Jeannie Marie said...

That is fabulous, such interesting coins! My father in law was a coin collector all his life and I know he would have really enjoyed this, as would I. I love the beautiful hair color too! How fun!!

Lisleman said...

I have a bag of foreign coins from my traveling days.