Friday, October 3, 2014

Frustrated Fragment

Half-Past Kissin' Time

That is Thank God It's Friday Fragments, or more accurately thank Mrs. 4444's for hosting the easy going wrap up our week Friday Fragment meme. In a feeble attempt to get back on track here is my contribution of fragments.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. T Davis
The wedding was beautiful! The bride was radiant! My son was all smiles! And we all had a wonderful time.

As beautiful as the wedding was I am glad it is over. The crazy mad woman sewing is all over and I have finally put all this stuff that was cluttering my room away. It is a good thing I am not claustrophobic or I never would survive working in such cramped quarters. I really miss having separate rooms for my office, crafting and bedroom. Maybe I should rethink my idea of one day owning a tiny house.

I started this post on Thursday morning but had to stop as I was ready to do like this woman. Then again today all day I have had problems working online. I am slow enough without my computer refusing to load pages. Hopefully it was my connection, it does seem to finally be running as it should.

On a more positive note; the serenity of these photos just cried for me to find a quote that fit one of the images. After a great deal of searching I came across this lovely quote, and decided to combine it with this photo.

Awe yes, simple harmony, I could definitely do with a little of that.

Have a great night and a fun weekend!

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Claudya Martinez said...

I was feeling like that woman about my computer too. I wanted to hurl the thing, but knew my wallet would regret it.