Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Journey

From time to time in our lives we all get discouraged and wonder if we are on the right path. This is true for everyone not just creatives, but it is especially so for artists and authors.  I have been in just such a place recently and then Author/Photographer ‪Lori Gerads‬ shared these inspirational and encouraging words on her Facebook page. With her permission I share it here word for word. I hope that it encourages others as much as it has encouraged me.

"Food for the Soul. If there is one thing my soul learned this is this. Although this particular soul journey started when I was quite 4 or 5... When you find your passion (and over the years this may change, or your goals may divert you) stay true to your heart and your soul. Listen to the little voice that almost have this...keep trying. Perfection for me isn't the same as it is for all things great and small from cleaning, doing homework, playing, creating, most of all creating or inventing (think Adam Ansel, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, Da Vinci)don't let the little obstacles...whether they are people, health, criticism, time, keep you from learning, exploring and furthering your "project". Remember the people that have been guides, mentors (Monica Decker German), and road blocks (boy, have I had a lot in my lifetime)...they are there for a purpose, what purpose does it serve your soul? What purpose does it serve you today, where you are at right now? Sometimes it is a line or a scene in a movie, a newfound mentor (Anna Twinney, Crawford Hall, Monty Roberts all come to mind and to know that they know horses, but photography is where it is all coming together for me...this moment, this soul lesson), a passage in the bible (wow, it speaks to us yet today), a torn relationship (whether it is from your dysfunction or theirs) all serve a purpose and you are to learn and grow from it. Each and every moment provides a chance for you to either be sidetracked or to serve your soul, which are you going to let work for you today, right now. ‪Anna Twinney‬ thank you for sharing (years after the experience) that I learn and grow (from a flight or fight instinct and I choose fight instinct) that to me a no is more powerful...than a yes. I learn more from a road block (than I sometimes do from subtle hints from God...with all HIS yes's) that fighting for what we believe to be right, is the right path! So, am I a road block...not all bad although at times we think it is life altering in a bad way it ends up being life altering in a good way. God working miracles through the little things...starting when we are young...our path, our journey our story our soul growth. Truly one of our purposes in this life." Lori Lee Gerads

Now for a bit of artwork inspired by Lori's words.
Prints Available Here
So go out embrace your journey and make it the be the best that it can be.


bill lisleman said...

Good ideas and thoughts to keep on your mind as things take an unexpected turn. Reflecting and thinking allow us to learn from failure and disappointment.

Lori G said...

Thanks Nita. Funny how our soul learns things that started way back when...and we continually evolve each and every day. I love the artwork by the way. Reminds me of a church in Rome.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shot!

Anonymous said...

Boy! Did I need this tonight!!! Beautiful shot by the way.