Friday, June 6, 2014

Frick Frack Frags

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Trying to think of an unusual title for this post all that came to mind was Frick Frack Frags and that got me to thinking, well what exactly does Frick Frack mean. I have heard it used in reference to a close bond as in "they were as close as Frick and Frack" and I have heard it used in what my children would call 'creative swearing', "Fricken Fracken Fricassee". Is it good or bad? Where did it come from?
I discovered that the original meaning is of a close bond and came from the ice-skating comedy team of Frick and Frack of Ice Follies fame in the late 1930's. To find out their original stage name check out this article.

Of course somewhere along the way the meaning changed to a less complimentary meaning and of course variations of Frick n Frack have become alternatives for swearing, but I much prefer the original meaning. 

. . . hmmm . . . My fragments this week are nothing to swear at and the only common bond is that they are each linked to a fun blog hop.  However, I like the title so I am sticking too it.

I am sure glad that look wasn't aimed at me!
She does look like she might start swearing at any moment.

Skywatch Friday
Walking along main street in downtown I looked up and couldn't resist the beauty of this old building with the bright blue sky.
Signs, Signs
One of these days I will not worry about turning into a chubby chipmunk and go inside for some yummy hand-dipped chocolate!

Thursday Challenge: Broken
Today there was a tornado that touched down just outside Sioux Falls, where my sons live. One of my sons sent me this video of the hail, although there was no reports of major damage I am sure something got broken. 


Mary said...

Wow. That hail is HUGE! No doubt something got broken.
Chubby Chipmunk...cute name!

Thank You, Great Spirit said...

That's some big hail! Your photo of the old building and blue sky is beautiful! Would make a good photo to hang up. Not the best way to sell candy by reminding people you'll get chubby by eating it! Lol! Enjoy your weekend.

retired not tired said...

I would love to visit the Chubby Chipmunk chocolate store. Thanks for the Frick and Frack story.

Felicia said...

that is a great old building, lovely sky. the hail and tornado would be very scary.

Cathy said...

Chubby Chipmunk - I love that name! I also love your Friday SkyWatch picture...beautiful!!

James said...

Cool shots! I'm glad there wasn't any major damage. Now I can't stop thinking about chocolate. :-)

Karen and Gerard said...

I think you definitely should get some chocolates from the Chubby Chipmunk! What a funny name. Love the blue sky with the old building shot, very cool!

emiliopasquale said...

Chubby chipmunk? Go for it! My parents used to always take us to the ice show and there were always characters like Frick and Frack.

'Tsuki said...

The sign is terrific, the reflection with those young ladies is so pretty... Great choice for the week !

Viera said...

Wonderful photo of the old building and blue sky... Great shot of reflection in the mirror

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Such a fun, reflective post!

BLOGitse said...

I love old houses and their architecture...
Have a good week ahead!

Mrs4444 said...

Hail storms are fun to watch from inside garages, next to cars that are also protected!

It's been a few months since I even craved chocolate; how strange.

Thanks for linking up! :)