Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Encouraging or Discouraging?

The latest note card creation.

I meant this to be encouragement for one who may be going through a difficult time. Then I realized that the texture added by life's little rough spots could also be referring to grey hair and wrinkles instead of the strength of character that I associated the word texture with. What do you think? Is this encouraging or discouraging or just too vague?


Linda said...

It's a great thought but not many people would buy it on a card. It's more of an inspirational poster that someone would want for themselves.

Anita Davis said...

Thank you Linda, your honest feed back is greatly appreciated. This was taken with my cell phone so I will have to check the sizing to see if it is large enough to do on a poster. said...

I think it's an encouraging message, but probably depends on your mood when you read it!