Monday, October 7, 2013

October 2013 Blizzard

It looks like we have skipped Autumn and gone straight to winter!
Friday October 4th as predicted a blizzard hit western South Dakota.
The rain and winds started early Friday morning and by midday had shifted to snow.

By early evening not only was our street gone but so was our power.
The wind and snow were still going strong.

 Out came the extra blankets, candles, board games and cards.

Thankfully our home is very well insulated so although a bit chilly, it wasn't too bad. The poor kitty though was cold and wanted snuggles. 

Here are the sights that met us come Saturday morning:

 Of the seven trees in our back yard only one is still intact with no damage. Of course the only tree not to break is the one we thought would break as it is more than half dead already.

 Believe it or not, somewhere under all that snow is a fence and a road. I posted a few more photos Here. The official Blizzard snowfall for Rapid City has been reported to be 31 inches!

At least our car wasn't completely covered.  Some neighbors weren't as lucky.

Late Saturday afternoon; The grass is beginning to show where the wind had blown the snow to a thin layer, and the sun had begun to melt that layer. Unfortunately the power was still out and of course the only non electric cooking appliance we have is our barbeque.  With the warning we should have been prepared but of course we weren't, we had no charcoal, lighter fluid or dry wood. After a bit of thought my S-I-L chopped up a dry pallet that had been in the back of the garage and set about making a fire to cook us a hot meal of hotdogs and chili. After many failed attempts to start the fire using crumpled paper, cardboard, kindling and even straw, I pulled out the big NO NO. Yep, I was the one to suggest using Acetone to start the fire.
Acetone is very very flammable! You should never use it to start a fire.... um ya... but if you do ... don't try pouring more on after a flame has already started. And Don't stand near the fire holding the Acetone! Thankfully, my S-I-L put out the flames on the lip of the bottle before they hit the inside.

While we were all very happy when the power finally came back on around 10pm Saturday night, it was rather fun playing games by candlelight. 

Now for Sunday in our City: Blizzard Clean Up and Playing in the snow!

My Son In Law did get the driveway cleared to the street. The housing tract was still not accessible to anything but 4x4's and snowmobiles.
Then again who wants to go anywhere when there is plenty to do right in our own yard!

As blizzards go this one wasn't too bad. While it did close down the western side of South Dakota for a few days with extensive power outages, snow and wind damage to homes and trees, as far as I have heard there was no loss of life.  The clean up continues and most likely will take the better part of a week but that is just a minor inconvenience.

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Dorothy said...

I am so not ready for winter and your pictures make me want to curl up under all my blankets (hard to do since the movers boxed them all up yesterday). Hope you're warm and give kitty some extra snuggles!

Mrs4444 said...

Wow. Let's hope the rest of your winter is less extreme!

Unknown Mami said...

Wow, wow, and wow! I was not ready for all that snow.