Thursday, October 24, 2013

FF: Favorites

Hi Fragment lovers! My mind is still hopping all over the place but I made it back with a few rather random fragments, that have been racing around in my head since my last fragmented post.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Have you ever noticed that a person's  favorite cartoon character in some way mimics there own personality?
My favorite cartoon characters from my childhood are Dumbo, Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales … hmmm, I wonder what that says about me?

A friend of mine mentioned that a person's first car is like their first love and no matter how old they get or how many other cars they have, that first one will always hold a special place in their heart. I can see where that could be true for many, however for me it isn't. My first car was a 1967 Pontiac Le mans and while my children swear it is an awesome car and I never should have gotten rid of it, to me it was the epitome of an old lady car. Although now I guess it could be a nice classic car. My second car however, will always be my favorite. Not only did she have power and looks, but she took me on many a wonderful journey. She was a 1971 Pontiac Ventura named Bella, and oh was she a beauty. My third car was my pride and joy, but still comes in second to Bella. It was a brand new, right off the showroom floor, 1979 dodge colt hatchback with a twin shift. Talk about handling, she hugged the mountain roads like they were her only love. She wasn't as fast and powerful as Bella, but oh could she handle. Every car since has been just that a car and no more. What about you? What was your first and your favorite car?

While I am on the subject of favorites, … in my quieter moments I thoroughly enjoy word games. I have found a new favorite place to enjoy fun word games and quizzes, you can check it out here.

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Doreen McGettigan said...

My second car was my all time favorite as well. My first car was a VW bug. Ugghh. That car was SO cold. My second was a Mustang Cobra. I sold it and bought it back twice:)
I've had several more of them over the years. LOVED that car!
Sorry I'm late. I hope your week is off to a positive and powerful start!

Kay said...

My first car was my first love! I still have her sitting in dad's driveway waiting for me to get to the restoration part :-( That's an excellent question!!! My favorite cartoon character...that's tough. I loved He-Man and Thundercats. I do wonder what they says about me. I can't wait to hop over and check out that ugly mom prom thing. I might need to implement such a fun night with my friends!!