Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fragments: Facebook Family

My parents divorced and remarried when I was rather young so my siblings consist of full, half and even a step brother and sister. However, we have never used those designations. We are all just brothers and sisters. There are thirteen of us in all, six boys and seven girls. We are all scattered across the United States and have found Facebook a great way to keep in touch with each other and all the nieces and nephews.

#1 Frag
While working my part time job, I have to turn my phones off. It is understandable and generally no big deal. Well, last Thursday as I got off work at 10pm and turned my phone back on, it was to discover I had  missed four calls from Minnehaha County Jail!  Just then the phone rang and it was the jail again. A bit worried and confused I answered. The computerized voice tells me I have a call from, then there is a pause and a quiet Spanish accent says "Erica", then the computer says press five to accept. Of course I accepted all the time wondering why no one mentioned that Erica was in town. While at the same time wondering what the hell Kris (my son) had done to get her in trouble. You see my niece Erica is a lawyer who lives in Washington DC, so of course she shouldn't be in any jail let alone Minnehaha County jail which is in Sioux Falls, SD.
My son Kris who is the same age as Erica, lives in Sioux Falls so I assumed she must be visiting him. Which of course led me to wonder what he had done, as when they were in their teens he was the leader of most mischief.
When the call was patched through and I got to actually speak to 'Erica' and hear her voice clearly I realized much to my delight, it was not our Erica. Driving home from work I couldn't help but laugh at myself for the silly thoughts that had went through my mind before discovering the mix up. So when I got home I decided to share the experience with family on Facebook and tag my son and niece in the post. The results were actually quite funny as Kris wanted to know why it had to be him that got Erica in trouble, why not his younger brother, which of course started a long discussion between the three.
Have you ever been accused of stereotyping your own children?

My baby sister, the one who is the same age as my oldest son posted this on FB last week

I decided that as the oldest of seven sisters I should stand up for us all, so I created this fun response to her claim that we are crazier than she is.
I really haven't spent the last two weeks on Facebook. I did manage to get out and do a bit of exploring Rapid City's down town area, where I came across this fantastic ship in one of the antique shops.

The story behind this ship is amazing, here is a close up so you can read it for yourself. I can't believe they are asking so little for such an amazing piece of history and art.
Well that is it for my fragments. Be sure to stop over at Mrs. 4444's to check out what has been up with others in blogland.
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bill lisleman said...

wow that is an amazing piece of modeling work.
Thanks for the laugh from your jail call story. I'm wondering why/how this Erica got your number. My first thought was a scam to ask for bail money.

StarTraci said...

Wow! You are blessed with siblings. That's enough to make anyone crazy (just kidding!), though I embrace the term myself. I love the sign, though. Nice way to look at it.
Happy FF!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I guess I could be accused of stereotyping my kids, but to me, it's just that I know them SO well! lol
Glad it wasn't "your" Erica in the slammer.

Mrs4444 said...

Big families are great, and Facebook makes keeping in touch so easy; I love it. My family is big, too, and thanks to FB, I know the names of all of my 23 cousins AND most of their kids, which is helpful at our every-other-year family reunions :)

Thanks for linking up this week! Have a great weekend.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Your family truly does sound like mine. We were all good with it until my daughter's SIL married my younger brother. That really complicated the whole what do we call each other thing:) How I am Mom-Mom to their kids I will never know but its all good.
I have been caught red handed stereotyping my kids and grandkids:)
That ship is pretty amazing.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Kay said...

I love that ship!!! What a delightful piece of history! I went to school in NW Iowa, so we chummed around Sioux Falls and Sioux City a lot. Great area to play around in. I really got a kick out of your crazy come-back. Excellent!!

Nita Davis said...

I agree it is an amazing piece of modeling work. Providing a laugh to you is the least I can do after all the times you have made me laugh. :D
If she had thought to try and scam me for bail money I must have shocked her out of it with my response when I told her she had the wrong number. Thinking back my response was unintentional but cruel. I said 'oh thank God you aren't my Erica' Then when I realized what I had said I wished her good luck with her situation and hung up.

Nita Davis said...

Yes crazy is much more entertaining than plain old normal.

Nita Davis said...

I totally agree with you Cyndy, it isn't stereotyping it is just that we know them so well.

Nita Davis said...

Thank you for hosting and for stopping by and commenting. Wow, 23 cousins! You do have a good size family as well. That must make for some fun family reunions.

Nita Davis said...

Thank you Doreen. Wow, and I thought we got things mixed up.

Nita Davis said...

Good old school days! Sioux Falls and Sioux City are great places to have a good time when you have a chance to get out of the country.

Unknown Mami said...

Very fun frags. I have a brother, technically he is my half-brother, I would never refer to him as that as far as I'm concerned I am 100 percent his sister.