Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Time For Creativity

So often I find myself thinking how much I miss just picking up my sketch pad and drawing something just for the fun of drawing. With modern technology I find myself drawing more and more digitally while my sketch pad collects dust.

Of course there are many advantages to drawing digitally; it is so much easier to erase; no clean up needs to be done in order to use as line art in digital projects and the list goes on.

However, the satisfaction one feels as the lines on the paper begin to form the image one wishes to draw seems so much more personal than when drawing digitally. Similar to the difference between turning the pages of a book while curled up in an overstuffed easy chair and scrolling through a digital book.

As I am sure others experience with life's hectic pace it is easy to put off things that don't seem to be all that important. So instead of just waiting till I have some free time to pull out the sketch pad I have decided to make time for this type of creativity and have arranged for my youngest daughter and I to meet with a friend each week on Friday for a few hours of fun and creativity. Last Friday was our first art date and this sketch. I did this sketch of our friend during the time we were drawing with our friend last Friday.
Do you schedule a special time for fun creative activities?

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