Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fantasy Art: Woodland Fantasy

I completed the first composite art piece in my Woodland Fantasy Series. This piece is titled 'The Summons'. I chose this name because Mother Nature is calling her sprites, Autumn, Summer and Spring to join her in awaiting the coming of Winter. This art piece combines four different photographs. Because this artwork will be printed in an 11x14 print I am showing both the full image and a zoom so you can get a better idea how it will look printed. When you click on each they will show larger and the zooms will show as they will print.

The Summons 1
Original composite photograph no special image or digital effects added.
Photographic Print with no special effects
Zoom of center section so you can see what it will look like printed.
Although I do love the way it turned out, I couldn't resist adding a few special effects. The only problem is now I am not sure which I want to print first.

The Summons 2
For this one I applied special effects to deepen the tone and give it more of a painted look.
Full image

Zoom of The Summons 2

The Summons 3
 Here I was going for an even greater fantasy feel.
It is really hard to see the beauty of this one at such a reduced size.

Zoom of The Summons 3, click to enlarge and see this as it will appear printed.

I would love to hear what you think of this art piece and which you like best.

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