Friday, September 9, 2011

The Vision In My Head

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Creativity can be rewarding and sometimes so very frustrating. Take now for example, I have been focusing the lions share of my creativity towards preserving memories in a fun and artistic way and all of a sudden a vision for a photographic art piece pops in my head. I know what I want the finished art work to look like. I have the exact location picked out for the photo shoot. I have lined up the four models for the shoot and now all I need is their outfits! 

These are the materials for the four outfits
I said to myself 'no big deal, I know exactly how I want the models clothing to look and I know how to sew.' After a week of searching every fabric store and thrift store I finally have all of the materials needed to create the four outfits. The models have been measured and styles have been sketched and the first one is in the beginning stage of production.

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So what is so frustrating? To stay true to this vision in my head the photo shoot needs to take place before too many of the leaves turn color and begin to drop. That is right Autumn is fast approaching and my time to put together the outfits is very limited. Once upon a time that wouldn't have phased me, however it has been some time since the old sewing machine has seen much use. So wish me luck, because I am going to need it!
Do you ever find yourself starting a project only to realize once you start that it is going to take a lot more work than you thought?


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Nita Davis said...

So nice to see you Khush, and glad you enjoyed the post. I am very honored that you chose me to receive The versatile Blogger award and will do my best to live up to the honor and pas the love on.