Sunday, September 4, 2011

Indoor Racetrack

When my boys were little they loved their Hot Wheels, but no way near as much as my grandson. It would not surprise me if he had at least two if not three of every current hot wheel made.  When he plays with them he generally gathers up a Tonka Truck load and drives it to one of the doorways in their home. Once at the door way he empties the cars and lines them up before choosing which ones he will drive. At any given time there may be cars lined up from wall to wall across every door jam.

Most often the kitchen becomes the race track, probably because the cars roll faster on the linoleum. The hall way is generally where he lines up the cars that don't fit across the door ways. The hallway is also where he builds his car wash and gas station out of Jenga blocks. The living room serves as the main part of town with his house in one corner and play rugs in the center. You know those rugs that look like streets, with parking lots and buildings. He will spend hours playing in his City, driving from room to room.

I will be totally shocked if when he grows up he does work with vehicles in some way. His father also loves cars, so a few years ago when I was putting together a memory album of our visit with his family I decided to use automobiles as the theme for one of the pages.
I like the idea of incorporate things that each person likes into the photos for our memory photo albums. It is one way of not only preserving the actual photos but also showing a little more about the individuals.

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Bethe77 said...

What a wonderful idea in putting together your memory page of photos like that.
My grandsons where nuts about their matchbox cars as well. My oldest who is 14 now still has his.