Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Customizing Littlest Pet Shop

My middle granddaughter has realized that using her artistic talents to create something new and different helps relax her when she is stressed. So as we prepaired for our current adventure, Sissy entered the world of revamping Littlest Pet Shop toys. After repainting and styling her pets she decided to do a fun photo shoot with them. When I asked her why she photographed them in the bathroom, she said it had the best light and was good for reflections.

This photo shoot took place just a few days before we loaded the Uhaul with all our belongings and headed home to Sioux Falls. 
The move was made on a leap of faith that has us holing on tight. Lexxie and Lissa both had jobs lined up, so that's all good.however, we did not have a house lined up, so until we find one we are staying with family and all our belongings are still packed away in storage. Until we find a place I will be trying to blog with my phone and tablet and will not be taking any orders for memory photos or taking on any portrait clients. Wish us luck, i do believe we need it.
Do you find creating to be a good stress reliever?

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