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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Enjoy This Moment

I have come to the conclusion stress and worry is just a human failing. I am sure this whitetail deer has plenty to worry about each year and yet it is as calm as can be. Maybe it is man's ability to use logic and reasoning that makes them more susceptible to worry, or maybe it is that the deer instinctively knows that every moment is a precious gift that should not be wasted. 

Enjoy This Moment!


Laura said...

beautiful photos and inspirational thoughts… my daughter, a high school senior just spent the day at a special state philosophy seminar… she was a group leader and their topic was "fear"… their discussing included the importance of living in the present moment, because it is memories of the past and imaginings of the future, leading us out of the present moment that often cause fear to arise.

Jack said...

Hi, Anita. Stress and worry just human emotions? I don't think so. Humans are among the very few animals that don't wake up every day worrying that the day could be their last, and spending every waking moment searching for food and dodging predators.