Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love At First Scent

Have you ever fallen head over heals in love with a scent? A love born solely from the pure joy of the aroma and not from any fond memories that are triggered by the scent. Here is the list I made trying to answer that question.
  • Fresh brewed coffee: awe, but this may be because it reminds me of sitting on the porch with my mother early in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee.
  • Fresh hot homemade corn tortilla's: Pure heaven! But once again the scent evokes such glorious memories of my Abuela's kitchen. 
  • That perfume my 7th grade Sewing teacher wore: well obviously it reminds me of her and she was great!
  • Old spice: Okay, this was my husbands favorite cologne so not a scent loved for the pure joy of the scent.
  • Morning Dew mixed with Pine and Oak: hmm, well this always brings back very fond memories spent in the forests of California and Oregon.
  • Polo Blue Cologne: Once again a scent that I love but probably because I it reminds me of my very first love.
  • Lavender: Ah yes this is the only scent I can think of that I absolutely love just because. There are no fond memories of other people attached to this scent. 
It took me seven tries but I finally found a scent I love for the pure enjoyment of the scent and no other reason. 

Now you may be wondering why I would think of such an off the wall question.  It came to me today when we took our dog Max to the beach for his first trip to the ocean. Now Max is a real baby when it comes to water. He loves taking a bath and will jump into a tub full of water if we let him. But Max hates it when it rains or when there are water puddles on the ground so we were not sure how he would react at the beach. 

I wasn't too surprised that he didn't like the waves and ran away from them any time they came near.

What did surprise me was that he fell in love the moment he got his first scent of the seaweed.

Watching him with the seaweed was hilarious. He ran from one clump to another snuggling with each one, laying down beside them and rolling all over them.
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And that my friends has to be love at first scent for he was surely in heaven!

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