Friday, March 9, 2012

Celebrating Life

The last three weeks have been both difficult and healing. Many who loose a loved one feel overwhelmed with grief especially when looking at photographs of their loved one during happier times. Yet, the process of going through those old photographs and remembering all the wonderful times shared is healing.
During the first week after my husbands passing my daughters and I looked through all our old photographs choosing those that we wanted to share in his eulogy video. While it was hard and we cried quite a bit I do think it helped us to remember many of the happier times. At first when I thought back to that first week it was the grief that overshadowed my memories and then I took a look at the photographs which were taken around our home during that first week. These photos remind me that even when faced with great sorrow we should and can celebrate life.
The family's newest addition Born 2/14/12

playing with great uncle

chilling with uncle

four generations

My mother with my boys

Son-in-law teaching my grand kids to fix walls

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khush said...

Nita, I'm really sorry to learn about your loss. May god give you strength to overcome this grief. I have been away from blogger since a long time but stumbling back here and reading your recent posts have really taken me aback.
I wish you all the strength. Yes, one can and should celebrate life even at the time of great sorrow. I have also loved the doll-post. It reminded me of a post I'd drafted but couldn't publish..Would be doing that in a while..Do stop by and read.
Hope you take care of yourself.